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BS in Construction Management




Phil Barlow


This project-based senior project is a collaboration between students from different schools and a non-profit organization, Journeyman International. The goal of this project is to build a primary school in Les Cayes, Haiti to give the kids there the opportunity to be in a safe and comfortable learning environment. The client on this project is the 610 group, they are an organization that focuses on sustainable community development through education, vocational training and microenterprise in communities in Haiti. This project entails 3 buildings with a total of 8 classrooms, a kitchen and dining area, bathrooms and a courtyard with playground equipment. My deliverables for this project included a construction estimate, construction schedule, site safety plan, SWPPP, Site Layout and a phasing plan. Producing these deliverables was complicated because of the amount of unknowns that come with building in a foreign country.