Building a Handicap Accessible Entrance and Gabion Wall

David C. Marter, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


As people age, their bodies naturally deteriorate and often times people are confined to wheelchairs in order to get around. Uneven and unstable ground is a large obstacle for people who live confined to a wheelchair. This project was derived and designed in order to help a family with multiple family members bound to wheelchairs to allow them an easier point of access into the home. The project itself consists of the construction of a concrete walkway and a gabion wall to provide some additional aesthetics. The concrete pathway ranges from the driveway to a paver pathway that curves around the side of the house, creating a flat, stable path to push a wheelchair. The gabion wall sits parallel to the concrete pathway and then makes a 90° turn toward the street. While constructing the project, I needed to install some sleeves underneath the concrete path to route some drain pipes and TV & Phone lines as well as a 3rd sleeve for future use. The deliverables for this project include the concrete pathway and the gabion wall, with the sleeves being an added scope of work.