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BS in Construction Management




Philip Barlow


The Setty Family Applied Engineering Challenge tasked my project group with designing a temporary shelter specifically for refugees in Eastern Europe to be used by governments, municipalities, and humanitarian agencies that is cost effective, portable, sustainable, and provides all necessary domestic needs. After months of research and design, we have developed the PolyShelter ; an eight-person structure erected to provide comfortability and safety to those in need. PolyShelter is designed to withstand the harshest of climates, provide exceptional insulation, and incorporate a rainwater collection system sufficient enough to support each unit. PolyShelter proves itself to be an economically viable solution to the perpetual worldwide refugee crisis. Its innovative walls, comfortable interior climate, and water management systems will improve countless refugee’s quality of life throughout the world. The added privacy that PolyShelter provides is invaluable in the large camps that refugees find themselves in and allows a sense of normalcy in the worst conditions. Designed to weather the worst climates in Eastern Europe, it could prove as the next breakthrough in solving the current massive refugee crisis.

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Senior Project Poster