College of Architecture and Environmental Design


Construction Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Construction Management




Lonny Simonian, Philip Barlow


The purpose of my senior project is to recommend the addition of a Microsoft Excel course to the Cal Poly Construction Management curriculum. My interest in this topic was sparked when I began my internship at Decker Electric in San Francisco during the summer of 2017. As a result of this internship, I discovered how inadequate my Excel skills were and how important Microsoft Excel is to the construction industry. Upon graduation, Cal Poly Construction Management students enter a workforce that relies heavily upon many different types of software programs that analyze information used daily in construction. With a rapidly growing industry that is constantly changing with new technology, Microsoft Excel will always be an important tool. There is currently no other platform by which one can create detailed spreadsheets and analyze and manipulate data. In the future, this senior project could translate into the implementation of a technical elective course that Cal Poly Construction Management students could elect to take and from which they could benefit greatly.

Poksay PB SP18.pdf (171 kB)
Senior Project Poster