Construction Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Construction Management




James Mckenzie, Philip Barlow


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) has been used in several capacities in the manufacturing of products such as high performance cars and airplanes, as well as many other smaller products. In construction, it has primarily been used as a way to strengthen or repair existing structures, and in some more recent applications, in tension cables. This paper will examine a new way to use CFRP- as a roofing material, and will specifically focus on the design and installation of a CFRP roof installed at Apple’s new AC2 Auditorium, forming the roof for the main entrance lobby. Installed in February of 2016, this is the largest CFRP roof ever constructed for a building. The roof was prefabricated in Dubai in individual panels and assembled on site and lifted into place. The panels were built using sandwich construction and weighs over 80 tons. The material, design and construction of this roof are one of a kind and serve as a perfect case study for the way roofing could be done in the future.