The present invention provides a new process for the preparation of 2S,3S-N-isobutyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-amino-4phenylbutyl)- p-nitrobenzenesulfonylamide hydrochloride, wherein this compound is prepared directly from the chloromethylalcohol. Importantly, the process of the present invention results in higher yields of 2S,3S-N-isobutyl-N-(2hydroxy -3 -amino -4-phenylbutyl) -pnitrobenzenesulfonylamide hydrochloride without sacrificing its purity. The processes of the present inventin can be used to prepare not only the 2S,3S-derivative, but also the 2R,3S-, 2S,2R- and the 2R,3R-derivatives.


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United States Patent Number: 6,548,706 B2, Apr. 15, 2003, 13 pages. Also available from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Website: http://www.uspto.gov.



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