The Navy is engaged in a national effort to bring its shore facilities into compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations. This work is being completed by civil service employees, consultants, and contractors under the supervision of Navy Civil Engineer Corps officers. To supplement these active duty and civilian resources, the Reserve Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (RDNAVFAC) has identified Reserve officers with substantial environmental engineering skills who are being assigned to assist Navy shore activities all over the world in this essential task. The Naval Reserve Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) is composed of over 1200 men and women who are practicing engineers and architects in their civilian careers. As Naval Reserve officers, they participate in weekend training drills and perform two weeks annual active duty training in support of Naval forces. In their civilian workplace, many of these officers work in the field of environmental engineering, in one or more of 32 environmental areas such as asbestos, hazardous waste management, and wastewater treatment. This paper will describe how these reserve officers are being used to enhance the Navy's environmental team. Typical projects in progress will be discussed.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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