This report documents CPT-based field case histories from the 1995 Hyogoken-Nambu (Kobe) Earthquake in Japan. These case histories are proprietary and were acquired by Mr. Y. Suzuki of the Kajima Corporation under the supervision of Prof. K. Tokimatsu of Tokyo Institute of Technology. Each case history is composed of two pages, one page of vital statistics and one page showing the CPT trace with the assumed critical layer delineated. Field performance of each site was assessed by Mr. Y. Suzuki as well as the performance assessments published in Akai et al. (1995). The liquefaction and non-liquefaction data that were used in the subsequent liquefaction triggering analysis (Moss, 2003) are summarized in the accompanying Table 1. Figure 1 is a map of the greater Kobe Port region that shows the approximate locations of these CPT field case history sites (which have a three letter designation corresponding to the trace), superimposed over SPT field case history sites (which have number designation corresponding to the log) and PGA contours, the latter two are from Cetin et al. (2000). This report is intended only as a compilation of the Hyogoken-Nambu (Kobe) data, details on interpretation and processing of the data are presented in Moss (2003).


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