This investigation is concerned with the seismic response of one‐story, one‐way asymmetric linear and non‐linear systems with non‐linear fluid viscous dampers. The seismic responses are computed for a suite of 20 ground motions developed for the SAC studies and the median values examined. Reviewed first is the behaviour of single‐degree‐of‐freedom systems to harmonic and earthquake loading. The presented results for harmonic loading are used to explain a few peculiar trends—such as reduction in deformation and increase in damper force of short‐period systems with increasing damper non‐linearity—for earthquake loading. Subsequently, the seismic responses of linear and non‐linear asymmetric‐plan systems with non‐linear dampers are compared with those having equivalent linear dampers. The presented results are used to investigate the effects of damper non‐linearity and its influence on the effects of plan asymmetry. Finally, the design implications of the presented results are discussed.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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