Direct displacement-based design requires a simplified procedure to estimate the seismic deformation of an inelastic SDF system, representing the first (elastic) mode of vibration of the structure. This step is usually accomplished by analysis of an “equivalent” linear system using elastic design spectra. In this paper, an equally simple procedure is developed that is based on the well-known concepts of inelastic design spectra. This procedure provides: (1) accurate values of displacement and ductility demands, and (2) a structural design that satisfies the design criteria for allowable plastic rotation. In contrast, the existing procedure using elastic design spectra for equivalent linear systems is shown to underestimate significantly the displacement and ductility demands. The existing procedure is shown to be deficient in yet another sense; the plastic rotation demand on structures designed by this procedure may exceed the acceptable value of the plastic rotation, leaving an erroneous impression that the allowable plastic rotation constraint has been satisfied.


Civil and Environmental Engineering



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/cenv_fac/155