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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Mechanical Engineering Department


Mohammad Hasan, College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Funding Source

Paul and Sandi Bonderson




Soft robotics can solve many unique engineering problems. The ancient art of origami has inspired design for a new breed of robots. In this research, a novel fold design was created which has high linear stiffness, high bending stiffness, and the ability to deform omnidirectionally in order to turn. The robot is operated using a DC motor to expand and contract and electromagnets to control friction. The robot moves very quickly compared with many other origami robots in the literature. Other interesting ways to control friction were explored including expansion mechanisms. An origami design was created and tested that expands radially as it is contracted its longitudinal axis. Future work will design will combine these structures to create a robot that can move through pipes.




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