College - Author 1

College of Engineering

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Computer Science Department

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College of Engineering

Department - Author 2

Computer Science Department


Dr. Franz J. Kurfess, College of Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering Department

Funding Source

Bayer Crop Science via Halo Cures, Inc.


Emily Lucas, Fernando Valdivia, Damien Trunkey, Divya Satrawada, Sophia Parrett, Rey Ortiz, Grace Nolan




The advances of AI raise several critical questions about human values and ethics, highlighting the need for researchers and developers to consider the ethical implications and the risks of neglecting them. In the past few years, student researchers have developed an AI model that allows users to test their surveys for possible breaches of subject confidentiality. This allows the users to gauge the ethicality of their proposal. This summer, we have expanded on this research and launched an interactive model for students and researches to assess their current work for ethical and social justice implications. Using Langchain and Figma, we have created an interactive chatbot which allows users to receive feedback on their project regarding the ethical and social considerations of their work.




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