College - Author 1

College of Engineering

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Computer Science Department

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College of Engineering

Department - Author 2

Computer Science Department


Dr. Zoe Wood (Co-Pl), College of Engineering, Computer Science Department; Dr. Sumona Mukhopadhyay (Pl), College of Engineering, Computer Science Department

Funding Source

CENG Dean's Club for Innovation DEI Funding




Every year, the College of Engineering (CENG) students and faculty reach out to admitted students through “Text-a-Thon” programs to answer their questions about being a student at Cal Poly. In order to improve CENG outreach efforts, we analyzed these text conversations to predict the likelihood of an admitted student accepting an offer of admission from Cal Poly. Through our research, we discovered key factors that play a role in a student committing to Cal Poly through data-based insights. Additionally, we successfully used a human-on-the-loop system to help create Machine Learning (ML) models that predict satisfaction of response by way of sentiment analysis.




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