The rationale of the Workshop rests on some very simple observations. It is well known that every situation encountered by individuals and organizations demands an appropriate response. The choice of such a response from among a multitude of options is the decision-making process. Simple situations that give rise to a small number of options allow the decision maker to decide on a course of action without great effort. This state of affairs changes dramatically when the situations are complex and involve a large number of factors. In this case, an extensive field of options is engendered that makes it impossible for the human decision maker to explore (especially in real time), without the proper support tools. To this, one should add that each decision option has an associated cost (e.g., time, money, human and other assets) that without support becomes difficult, if not impossible, to determine.

These considerations and an apparent dearth of applicable support tools led us to the idea of convening a workshop in which active developers and proponents of such tools will present their approaches to an audience of potential users.


Software Engineering



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