SILS (Shipboard Integration of Logistics Systems) is an umbrella program initiated and sponsored by Dr. Phillip Abraham in the Logistics Directorate of the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR). The SILS vision is a system of systems that brings together shipboard and shore based data and information sources in a single integrated environment. SILS MRAT (Mission Readiness Analysis Tool) is a high-level shipboard component of SILS, which applies intelligent agent technology to the near real time decision support needs of commanding officers, department heads, and key operations & maintenance personnel. This tool demonstrates the capability of a system architecture to integrate current, and future software applications and information systems within a single decision framework, reducing system interoperability problems and minimizing the disruption caused by software application changes. It will provide a prototype “readiness node” at the unit level designed to serve as the basis for hierarchical fleet operational and maintenance decision support and readiness evaluation systems. The toolkit consists of a set of loosely coupled, user customizable, client-side components including: scheduling, status reporting, readiness assessment, problem resolution, and agent interface. SILS MRAT will function in a collaborative environment using a shared set of distributable server-side components: object server, agent engine, interface engine, recall engine, and a common ontology. This system will provide the basis for battle group and force level readiness decision support necessary to meet today’s changing naval force operations. The effective integration of coalition forces in modern naval forces will demand greater interoperability, mission integration, and material support by U.S. and foreign navies.


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