Volume 13, Issue 10 (2010)

This 2010 issue of Between the Species marks a new beginning for the journal since we took it online in 2001. This is the largest edition of the journal yet, including a wide range of articles dealing with theoretical, historical, and applied philosophical issues regarding animals. In addition, we’ve included three book reviews on some recent works in the field. And we even have a short story by Josephine Donovan. Perhaps the most exciting change in the journal will be the new archives, which will include articles from the print journal. There are some genuine classic essays there, and I get reprint requests for these all the time.

There were more submissions this year than ever, so I think the time has come for the journal to come out twice a year or more, depending upon the number of submissions received.



Animals in the Kingdom of Ends
Heather M. Kendrick


Animals as Friends
Cynthia Townley


Animals and Animals
Laurence Thomas

Book Reviews



The Hunt: A Short Story
Josephine Donovan