BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Agricultural Systems Management




Mark Zohns


This report discusses the design, construction, and evaluation of a hydraulic oil filtration car sponsored by Papich Construction Inc. This company developed the need for a filter cart system to service equipment by flushing and cleaning the oil in hydraulic reservoirs and systems. The opportunity of reviewing an existing product from Caterpillar was taken to obtain basic design parameters. This car however, did not meet all the needs preferred by the service technicians of Papich; thus leading to the idea of a custom filter cart.

The filter cart is composed of a square tube frame sitting on pneumatic no-flat castor wheels, and features a 28-gallon oil reservoir with black pipe plumbing through six Caterpillar filters in series. Hydraulic oil can be pumped from either a suction hose or the cart's reservoir and through the filter series by way of a pneumatic diaphragm pump. The design of this cart allows service technicians to easily transport, operate, and maintain its components.