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Download 1: Global Space Meets Local Space in the Twenty-First Century by Hemalata C. Dandekar (6.6 MB)

Download 2: The Common Good: Assessing the Performance of Cities by John Friedmann (4.9 MB)

Download 3: Writing the Transnational: The Distant Spaces of the Indian City by Anthony D. King (4.6 MB)

Download 4: Canaletto's Dresden: Rebuilding a Lost Urban Image in a Time of Rapid Change by Raymond Isaacs (3.7 MB)

Download 5: Globalization and the Urban Form: Transfomations in Colombo in the 1980s and the 1990s by Nihal Perera (3.8 MB)

Download 6: Bazaars in Victorian Arcades: Conserving Bombay's Historic Core by Rahul Mehrotra (5.2 MB)

Download 7: Public Open Spaces and Growth: Bombay/Mumbai by Nandita Godbole (1.4 MB)

Download 8: Reinventing the Psyche of American Cities: Detriot as Paradigm? by Robert M. Arens (3.1 MB)

Download 9: Fort Bonifacio Global City: A New Standard for Urban Design in Southeast Asia by Sara Liss-Katz (4.1 MB)

Download 10: A Search for a Cultural Paradigm of Urbanization in East Asia by Sang-Chuel Choe (2.2 MB)

Download 11: Urban Revitalization and Cultural Memory: Rethinking Taipei's Urban Renewal Plan Regarding Wan-Hua by Kuan-chu Wei, Min-chih Yang (2.4 MB)

Download 12: The Urban Palimpsest: The Transformation of Bangkok and Its Palaces During the Colonial Era by Pirasri Povatong (4.0 MB)

Download 13: Xidan Street, Beijing: Reading and Writing Urban Change by Emel Yucekus, Tridib Benerjee (5.0 MB)

Download 14: Preserving Old Neighborhoods of Damascus, Syria by Riad G. Mahayni (5.1 MB)

Download 15: The District of Gamaliya: A Socio-Economic Perspective by Madiha El Safty (4.1 MB)

Download 16: Financing Urban Heritage Conservation in Latin America by Eduardo Rojas (5.4 MB)

Download 17: Popular Modernism: The Brazilian Experience by Fernando Lara (1.4 MB)

Download 18: Ethnic Enclaves: New Urbanism and the Inner City by Udo Greinacher (3.7 MB)

Download 19: Ethnicity in the City: Reading Represenations of Cultural Difference in Indian Storefronts by Arijit Sen (2.5 MB)

Download 20: New Life: Rebirth of a Nation by Scott Lawrence Ruff (2.5 MB)

Download 21: Urban Reconstruction, Development and Planning in the New South Africa: The Case of Durban by Brij Maharaj, Sultan Khan (4.9 MB)

Download 22: Fighting a Losing Battle? Planning Policies of Mumbai in the Wake of Globalization by Arvind Adarkar (5.8 MB)

Download 23: Custodians of (Trans)Nationality: Metropolitan Jakarta, Middle-Class Prestige and the Chinese by Abidin Kusno (5.2 MB)

Download 24: Expatriate Global Investment and Squatter Displacement in Manila by L. Shelton Woods (4.5 MB)

Download 25: The Greening of Exit 7 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania by Jack J. Ford (2.4 MB)

Download 26: Art and Commerce as Logics of Budapest's New Public Spaces by Judit Bodnar (5.7 MB)

Download 27: Towards and Indonesian Urban Land Development Policy by Tommy Firman (8.2 MB)

Download 28: Expanding the Urban Transportation Infrastructure Through Concession Agreements: Lessons from Latin America by Daniel A. Rodriguez (6.8 MB)

Download 29: The Informal Housing Production Process in Latin America: Connecting the Poor to the City by Alejandro Florián-Borbón, Catalina Velasco-Campuzano (3.8 MB)

Download 30: Kerekere, Hierarchy and Planning in Fiji: Why Cultural Understanding Should be a Prerequisite to International Planning by Marc Schlossberg (3.9 MB)

Download 31: The City Community: Building Bridges to Sustainability by Akhtar Badshah, Sheila McNamee, Jane Seiling (7.4 MB)

Download 32: Listening to the Subaltern: The Ethics of Professional Work or, Notes Towards the Pedagogy of the India Studio by Vikramaditya Prakash (2.6 MB)

Download 33: Microcosmic Research and Global Awareness: Rethinking the Local Heritage by Ray Bromley (3.7 MB)

Download 34: The Space on the Edge: Dichotomous Perceptions of Place by Máire Eithne O'Neill (3.9 MB)

Download 35: Making Place in the 21st Century City: Accelerating the Search for Harmony between Emerging Values of Global Consumership and Time-Honored Values of Vernacular, Family, and Human Spirituality by James Chaffers (4.6 MB)

Download 36: Ramayan to Globalayan: Transformation of Nasik by Sulakshana Mahajan (7.5 MB)

Download 37: Explaining Redevelopment in Hong Kong by Ann Susnik, Sivaguru Ganesan (4.1 MB)

Download 38: The Polarization Effects of Globalization on the State of Queretaro, Mexico by Juan Carlos Trejo Jiménez (4.4 MB)

Download 39: Growth and Metamorphosis of Bombay Through Four Centuries of Globalization by Sulabha Brahme (3.9 MB)

Download 40: Taiwan's Urban System in Transition by Jack F. Williams (5.9 MB)

Download 41: A Social Perspective on the Future of Transportation Design by Cathy L. Antonakos (3.4 MB)

Download 42: House Types and Housing Uses in Kumasi, Ghana by Irit Sinai (5.7 MB)

Download 43: Gender Planning and Housing in Masaya, Nicaragua: A Question of Accessibility by Beth Patton (5.5 MB)

Download 44: Working Women's Hostels in India: Extensions of Family Control or Expanders of Urban Choice? by (5.9 MB)

Download 45: Surveillance, Circumscriber of Women's Spatrial Experience: The Case of Slum Dwellers of Calcutta, India by Mallika Bose (5.4 MB)

Download 46: Gender and the Development of Community Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Moshira El-Rafey, Handi Y. Bukhari (2.9 MB)

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City, Space, + Globalization presents ways in which globalization affects the built environment of people in cities around the world. Architects, urban planners, geographers, historians and sociologists address topics ranging from transportation to historic preservation, from housing for different population sectors to economic change and city growth patterns. A significant common element of these papers is their shared concern with the life space of city fabric, beyond economics, beyond world markets and world trade. This life space is the neighborhood and community space of city residents. It refers to memory, to history, to tradition in the face of homogenizing global forces.



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City Space + Globalization: An International Perspective