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Download 1: A Policy Overview by Vinitha Aliyar and Sujata Shetty (5.5 MB)

Download 2: Global Policies Regarding Shelter for Women: Experiences of the UN Centre for Human Settlements by Irene Tinkler (6.2 MB)

Download 3: Women's Role in Shelter Planning by K.K. Bhatnagar (2.5 MB)

Download 4: Synopsis of Talk by Salma Khan: Housing Policy and Development in Bangladesh by Vinitha Aliyar (1.5 MB)

Download 5: Women and Housing Policy in South Africa: A Discussion of Durban Case Studies by Alison Todes and Norah Walker (8.5 MB)

Download 6: The Contribution of Community-Based Housing Organizations to Women's Shelter and Development: Evidence from Zimbabwe by Anna C. Vakil (4.3 MB)

Download 7: Housing and Gender: Beyond the Public/Private Dichotomy by Patricia Gardiner (3.2 MB)

Download 8: Boundary Violations: Sexual Harrassment within Tenancy Relations by Sylvia Novac (3.1 MB)

Download 9: Federally Assisted Housing: A Housing Crisis for Poor Women by Catherine M. Bishop (3.1 MB)

Download 10: The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988: Creating New Housing Opportunities for Women by Surabhi Dabir (9.8 MB)

Download 11: Ideology as Law: Is There Room for Difference in the Right to Housing? by Pamela L. Sayne (5.6 MB)

Download 12: The Importance of Housing in the Lives of Women: The Case of Botswana by Anita Larsson (6.1 MB)

Download 13: The Invisible Contribution of Married Women in Housing Finance and its Legal Implications: A Case Study from Port Harcourt, Nigeria by Yomi Oruwari (3.9 MB)

Download 14: Women and Crisis: An Overview of Homelessness in the First and Third World by Margrit Bergholz (4.5 MB)

Download 15: Shelter Homes: A Need to Develop a New Approach for Women in Familial Distress by Neela Dabir (3.9 MB)

Download 16: Housing for Women with AIDS by Theresa Cameron and Yul Lee (4.2 MB)

Download 17: Synopsis of Talk by Sara Snyder, Grateful Home by Margrit Bergholz (914 KB)

Download 18: Synopsis of Talk by Robert Gillett, Legal Services of Southeastern Michigan by Margrit Bergholz (1.1 MB)

Download 19: Housing Homeless Women in Toronto by Joyce Brown and Diana Capponi (2.8 MB)

Download 20: Wings, Ka Fanm, Re-Vision House: Case Studies of Transitional Housing for Women by Lynn Peterson (5.5 MB)

Download 21: Women and the Production of Housing: An Overview by Victoria Basolo and Michelle Morlan (5.8 MB)

Download 22: Responding to Diversity: Housing Developed by and for Women by Gerda R. Wekerle (5.3 MB)

Download 23: Beating a Path: Towards Defining Women's Participation by Meera Bapat and Sheela Patel (7.5 MB)

Download 24: Women's Participation in the Production of Shelter by Aliye Perkin Celik (5.7 MB)

Download 25: Community Planning in Developing Nations: Land Use Planning, User Participation, and Appropriate Technologies by Ann H. May and David K. May (4.3 MB)

Download 26: The Role of Shelter in Generating Income Opportunities for Poor Women in the Third World by Abdi M. Kusow (4.3 MB)

Download 27: Shelter as Sustenance: Exclusionary Mechanisms Limiting Women's Access to Housing by Faranak Miraftab (5.1 MB)

Download 28: My Home Is My World: Women, Shelter, and Work in a Malaysian Town by Norazit Selat (6.2 MB)

Download 29: Shelter and Income Opportunities for Women in India by Sulakshana Mahajan (5.7 MB)

Download 30: Women's Views of Shelter0Related Services and Infrastructure in Charkop, Bombay, and Mogappair, Madras by Hemalata C. Dandekar (6.1 MB)

Download 31: Shelter-Related Infrastructural Needs of Women in Low-Income Settlements of Bombay by Neera Adarakar (5.4 MB)

Download 32: Women and Shelter-Related Serives and Infrastructure: The Case of a Vulnerable Group by Madiha El Safty (3.0 MB)

Download 33: The Politics of Space Appropriation: A Case Study of Women's Struggles for Homeplace in Chicago Public Housing by Roberta M. Feldman and Susan J. Stall (694 KB)

Download 34: Non-traditional Living Arrangements: Beyond the Nuclear Family by Kameshwari Pothukuchi (5.4 MB)

Download 35: Access to Housing in Urban and Rural Zimbabwe: Historical Observations on the Nuclear Family by Tim Scarneccia (5.5 MB)

Download 36: Gender, Houshold Structure, and Accommodation for Young Adults in Urban Mexico by Ann Varley (8.3 MB)

Download 37: The Care Facility in Central Europe as a Form of Shelter: Implications for Women by Carolyn Thompson (2.5 MB)

Download 38: Young Mothers and Affordable Housing: Information and Organization for Change by Valerie L. du Plessis (4.7 MB)

Download 39: Design and the Creation of Shelter for Women: An Overview by Vassiliki Magnana (2.0 MB)

Download 40: Segregation of Women in Islamic Cultures and Its Reflection in Housing: A Study of Spaces for Women in a Bangladesh Village by Tasnem Chowdhury (4.9 MB)

Download 41: The Socio-Economic Impact of Open Spaces on Women in a Spontaneous Settlement by Neema Bhatt (2.9 MB)

Download 42: Lifeboats, More than Housing by Joan Forrester Sprague (3.7 MB)

Download 43: Language, Sacred Places, and Transitional Housing by Mary J. Follenweider (4.5 MB)

Download 44: Shelter: A Place of the Telling a chimerical cookbook by Tami Silverman and Chris Taylor (3.1 MB)

Download 45: Shelter Options for Elderly Women: An Overview by Maria M. Yen and Sharon M. Keigher (1.5 MB)

Download 46: In Search of "The Golden Girls": Why Is Affordable, Adaptable, and Assisted Housing for Older Women So Hard to Find? by Sharon M. Keigher (12.4 MB)

Download 47: Housing Needs for Elderly Women: The Washtenaw County Experience by Carolyn Hastings and Maria M. Yen (3.6 MB)

Download 48: The Meaning of Home and Ecogenic Housing: A New Concept for Elderly Women by Leon A. Pastalan and Benyamin Schwarz (3.3 MB)

Download 49: Crossing Oceans: A Cross-Cultural Look at Elderly Immigrant Women in the United States and Elderly Women in India by Rama Sethi (3.4 MB)

Download 50: Housing and the Creation of Security in Old Age by Rural Women of Ghana: A Development Perspective by Barbara R. Stucki (2.6 MB)

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Around the world, woman's access to shelter is inextricably linked with her economic, legal, and social status. Policy makers, planners, architects, and other professionals must understand and factor in these crucial aspects when creating shelter for women.

An international gathering at the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1992 provided an opportunity for dialogue between persons working in this field in the First and Third World and established an exchange of views in a global, multicultural context.

The papers underscore the importance of housing to women's economic, legal, and social development and emphasize the need to continue to address and act upon these issues across nations, cultures, and class.



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Shelter, Women and Development: First and Third World Perspectives