College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Biomedical Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Biomedical Engineering



Primary Advisor

Michael Whitt, Christopher Heylman


The Freezing of Gait Project aims to design and develop an attachment mechanism for a medical device to help Parkinson’s patients overcome freezing of gait (FOG). The mechanism will allow the device to attach to a variety of canes or walkers, while being easy for Parkinson’s patients to use. It will interface with a device produced by De Oro Devices. The project includes an analysis of current competitive devices, a summary of customer needs, design of experiments to test significant features of the attachment, and project plan. The customer needs are translated to engineering metrics. Failures and mitigation of risks are also specified, as well as a summary of previous research. An overview of the design changes and prototype evolution has been outlined. The final design uses a rubber band and hooks to attach the mount to the mobility assistive device, as well as a 3D printed plastic part with magnets to align and secure the device to the mount. We found this design to be easy to maneuver with low dexterity and meets our customer requirements exceedingly well.