Biomedical and General Engineering Department

Degree Name

BS in Biomedical Engineering




Kristen O’Halloran Cardinal


At California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), the Biomedical Engineering department (BMED) requires its students to take the course listed as “BMED 420: Principles of Biomaterial Designs.” BMED 420 has a required laboratory section every week throughout the duration of the course that is meant to be a supplemental tool for learning. During the lab sections, students perform experiments and exercises that are currently being implemented in the industry. Despite accuracy of the methods and experiments relative to their use in the industry, there is always room for improvement. The objective of this project will illustrate my procedural approach to the improvement of Lab F— Ultrasonic Biomaterial Analysis and the expansion of Lab B— Contact Angle measurement. More specifically, I will provide a step by step account of the creation of new bovine femur bone samples and test their efficacy using the same ultrasonic testing methods the students are familiar with. I will also go through the analysis of existing and new materials for the Contact Angle Measurement methods to verify their use in the expansion of Lab B— Contact Angle Measurement.