Biomedical Engineering: Graduate Reports and Projects

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MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering


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Christopher Heylman

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Biomedical Engineering

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College of Engineering


Cardiac mapping systems provide electrophysiologists with pertinent information about ablation treatment plans for patients who suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. This thesis describes the process of designing a functional wet lab that integrates with Abbott’s EnSite Precision 3D Mapping System, with the purpose of providing Cal Poly students and faculty with an opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience with cardiac mapping. This project encompassed a thorough literature review of cardiology, electrophysiology, and in vitro lab systems, followed by the design, manufacturing, and evaluation of a functional and anatomically representative wet lab. This is a continuation of previous master’s projects that had similar goals. Improvements included more accurate geometry collection, anatomical landmarks and physiologically accurate conditions, and usability improvements. The outcome of this project was a functional wet lab, fully integrated with the Abbott EnSite System with accurate geometry collection within 6% error. Anatomically accurate vasculature and a left atrium were incorporated to further enhance the capabilities and authenticity of the lab. We hope that the Cal Poly community will continue to expand upon and make use of the wet lab.