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Joseph Mello


The Adjustable Seating Systems team designed and prototyped a collapsible and nestable seat for use in transit vehicles to create more free space for more passengers and cargo. Our team is the second senior project group to have worked at solving this problem. The previous team established a unique seat folding method that is currently pending patent approval. Our team’s responsibility was to improve the ease of use and overall hardware design of the entire seating system. This document captures the efforts that our team has performed to organize an approach to completing a full design and working prototype this collapsible and modular seating system. Several existing products and patents were found that solve aspects of the problem statement; however, no current solution offers the same motion nor the packing efficiency that is described in the patent application for our design. Project requirements were defined by the claims made in the patent application, safety standards, and customer ergonomic targets. Ideation and concept design led to a selection of a final design. This chosen final design has been detailed out into specific components with manufacturing and assembly plans that discuss how the system was produced. The components have procurement details and costs associated with them. The final design encompasses the customer needs and wants and meets most of the safety standards while maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing look to create a marketable prototype. A detailed timeline was created based on analysis of the key tasks, the dependencies between them, and the breakdown of different subsystems. With reference to this timeline, a working prototype was delivered to the sponsor at the end of May 2019.


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