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Amanda Lathrop


As a finalist of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Product Development Disney competition a healthy snacking alternative utilizing interdisciplinary skills was developed, in hopes of decreasing childhood obesity and increasing positive eating habits. Nem-O’s offers an improved substitute to the traditional oatmeal cookie as it is composed of quinoa, dates, sweet potatoes, applesauce, and oats, targeting children age 10 and younger. Nem-O’s is processed in a semi-continuous, sanitary process that ensures production of safe snacks. As the current market lacks a substitute for children’s cookies, Nem-O’s fills this void to create an enjoyable, bite-sized cookie containing no allergens. As one of the five finalist teams selected out of 32, the Cal Poly team consisting of five members will compete in an oral presentation and sensory evaluation in front of a panel of judges and professionals from the food industry at the Annual IFT Conference in New Orleans in June. Therefore, the team is requesting for $3,280 endowment to cover some of the remaining travel expenses.


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