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William Ahlgren


This project is the first iteration of a larger multi-year project working towards utilizing ammonia (NH 3 ) as an alternative fuel. The purpose of this iteration is a proof of concept for the creation of a control loop that can measure oxygen levels in a system and control the flow rates of nitrogen and oxygen in order to maintain an ideal ratiometric flow to reduce the overall emissions of the system. It is the hope of this project that the concept can eventually be used to maximally reduce to the point of near complete elimination of NOx emissions from burning ammonia as an alternative fuel. The scope of this project is to act as a starting point for research and testing towards the end goal of a cleaner more sustainable alternative fuel. This project confirms the ability to control flow rates of gases to maintain an ideal ratio of nitrogen to oxygen inside of a heating chamber test system through the measuring of voltage of an O 2 sensor and adjusting of the flow rates of each gas based on the voltage value returned by the sensor.


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