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David Watts


Encosi Africa 2014 will be a multifaceted service learning design/build internship. This trip will give us the opportunity to exercise Cal Poly’s learn by doing motto on an international stage. We will engage in service learning projects that will build on work done by previous Cal Poly student groups in the past as well as manifest new projects to benefit various local communities. This will combine classroom instruction with meaningful community service. We will work at three different project sites in South Africa, one urban and two in rural settings. The urban project involves revisiting a playground in Alexandra built by Cal Poly students last summer to evaluate its condition and make improvements. We will visit Baviaanskloof, a rural landscape reclamation project where we will partner with graduate students working on water security issues for the South African government. The third site is in Elliot, a small village in rural South Africa in need of a central gathering area and the ability to collect clean water. We will conduct community workshops and design charrettes with the residents to gain information to inform future work trips. We will also build some playground pieces for the local school before leaving. Encosi Africa will be an invaluable experience that will shape our professional lives in the future, and give us the opportunity to give back meaningful service, and gain extensive real world experiences.


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