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Sarah Harding


We are committed to design, manufacture, and test a sports jogger for Special Olympian Joseph Cornelius. Joseph actively participates in numerous marathons and triathlons. He is an inspiration to his athletic team and those who know of him. Because Joseph has spastic quadriplegia, he counts on his jogger in order to participate in races with his father and team. His jogger has crossed many finish lines; hence, it is worn out and does not provide Joseph with the comfort or safety he needs. Therefore, our engineering team is dedicated to design a new and suitable jogger that will not only allow Joseph to continue his passion for marathons but also serve his needs. Hence, we plan to design a jogger that is safe, practical, and accommodates his body. We have carried on intricate research, created a number of prototypes, and done Pugh matrices that have contributed to our design process. From the preceding techniques, we will agree on the best design. Next, we will build our design in the Cal Poly machine shops (The Hangar and Mustang ’60). We will then test our device in order to optimize it. Lastly, we will deliver a completed jogger to Joseph at the senior project exposition. Through the power of engineering, it has become our priority and wish to help Joseph cross many more finish lines while simultaneously inspiring others.


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