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Jane Lehr


The 25 Under 25 Fest is a student-organized, two-day film festival in San Luis Obispo that is dedicated to giving young California filmmakers a platform to show their work. The festival will highlight filmmakers under the age of 25 that are making films less than 25 minutes long. It’s an opportunity to only grow the already established film culture within San Luis Obispo county. It will be open to all young people within the state of California, which is the center of American film. We are currently in cooperation with ARTS Obispo and have started to gather other sponsors. With over 100 film schools in the state, filmmakers are in abundance and this festival would be a new way for them to showcase their abilities. It will be a new type of film festival that is focused on youth, independence, and beginnings. We aim to produce an environment that encourages youth art, innovative ideas, and lasting connections between young filmmakers. We have already set a date for May 19-20, 2018 and we will be renting out the Palm Theater to show the films. We also are renting log cabins in Avila Beach for all of the filmmakers, creating a community of filmmakers. We are a film festival for young people making short films.


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