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Danielle Champney


This study aims to build on an existing line of inquiry in the Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education community, by extending our understanding of experts’ self-questioning strategies in two ways. First, we aim to study students’ self-questioning strategies while solving difficult STEM problems, to understand how their own inquiry guides their problem solving in similar and different ways, compared to experts. Second, we aim to study how students’ self-and peer-questioning strategies differ – that is, how students’ self-inquiry when problem solving is or is not related to their team problem solving strategies. There are a number of different aspects of students’ problem solving that could focus this research, but we specifically focus on questioning as the means for interacting with students’ problem solving strategies so that we can gain a better sense of students’ external and internal problem solving dialogues. The work is expected to be of broad enough scope, and submission quality to a peer-reviewed journal, and also acceptable as a Contributed Report at a mathematics education conference.


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