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Carrie Langner


The overarching purpose of this research project is to investigate how exposure to diversity influences implicit racial bias (i.e., unconscious racial prejudice). Specifically, we examine whether attending Cal Poly, a university with lower levels of racial diversity as compared to other state universities, has a significant impact on the implicit racial biases of its student population. By quantifying the implicit racial biases of Cal Poly freshman during their first quarter of attendance, we received a baseline measure of their racial bias (via a measure called the Implicit Associations Test (IAT)). During their third quarter, Spring of their freshman year, we collected their IAT data once again to compare to the original baseline levels. Additionally, we examined the short-term influence of exposure to diversity/multiculturalism in the form of a media communication on implicit racial bias. The final participants completed their follow up session as late as June 8th 2017, the data has not been analyzed yet. This upcoming 2017 Fall Quarter will consist of data analysis and writing a research article to submit to a peer-reviewed psychology journal.


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