BK Reeve_Proposal_Winter-2016.pdf (833 kB)
Project Proposal

Completion Date



Peter Laursen and Andrew Davol


At the end of spring quarter, 2016, we were able to meet most of the objectives and complete basic testing of the structure, as described in the proposal. However, we were unable to complete a few things. Firstly, we were unable to fabricate supplemental beams and columns to be ready in the case a member needed to be replaced. Drawings will be provided so that future students or faculty can fabricate the members. Secondly, we were unable to run earthquake ground motions through the structure due to time constraints with the students graduating. Future graduate students in the ARCE department will be testing the structure next year by running various ground motions through the shake table and analyzing the performance to confirm the adequacy of the structure. Those experimental results will be compared with the calculations performed to see how accurate the analysis was. We were able to shake the model at its first mode of vibration during the spring quarter of 2016 and we were able to determine that the structure was constructed adequately. A complete report detailing the design and calculations has been uploaded to the digital commons.


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