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Sharon Dobson


Current is the first comprehensive safety solution that can, with the push of a button, dispatch police to a user’s GPS location, notify friends and family, alert the nearby community, and record audio and video. Current is a phone case and mobile app that integrates hardware and software, offering user safety, ease of access, and peace of mind. No other self-defense product integrates all four layers of safety and these products are rarely in a user's hands when needed. Current’s mobile device case is equipped with external buttons that can quickly and easily activate in-app functionality, which Current has worked closely with its patent attorney, Tom Lebens, in order to develop and finalize. In addition, the Current case has an external safety switch which prevents accidental releases, and the case’s built-in battery supplies a user’s phone extra battery life. The fact is, everyone has smartphones. And everyone belongs to some kind of social network. Today, people still protect themselves with mace or a whistle; you do all these things by yourself. But now, we all carry these computers in our pocket, and we’re all connected to people. We have GPS, we have maps, we have notifications. It’s time for a new kind of safety—personal safety that leverages the connectedness of today's world.


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