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Liz Schlemer


This proposal would allow four undergraduate students to present their research paper on transformative learning at an American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) conference in Seattle in June 2015. These four students participated in SUSTAIN SLO, a community-based learning initiative, their freshman year at Cal Poly. SUSTAIN SLO is sponsored by the National Science Foundation to study aspects of change in higher education. As part of SUSTAIN's research, 23 students who participated in the first generation of the initiative in 2012 were interviewed one year after their experience. During summer 2014, the four undergraduate students involved in this proposal partnered with Liz Schlemer, IME professor and co-PI of SUSTAIN, to quantitatively analyze these narratives to explore these two questions: 1) How is SUSTAIN different than the traditional course experience? and 2) How did SUSTAIN affect you? This team of 4 undergraduate students and 1 professor is currently in the process of writing their findings and will submit their paper to the ASEE in January 2015. The funds requested in this proposal would cover the cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms, and conference registration fees.


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