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Kari Pilolla


Microbial populations that live within the human gut have been shown to impact human health status. Limited microbial diversity within the gut has been associated with increased risk for several diseases including obesity, low-grade inflammation, and intestinal inflammation3. Exogenous factors that influence bacterial diversity in the gut include diet, exercise, stress level, and smoking1. The consumption of polyphenols in the diet, found in various fruits and vegetables, has been linked to beneficial microbial gut and metabolic health. Polyphenols have shown to encourage the growth of benign microbes while suppressing the growth of pathogens2. This free-living diet intervention trial investigated the impact of strawberries (as freeze-dried strawberry powder [FDSP]) on gut health in postmenopausal women. Our primary objective was to assess the effect of habitual strawberry consumption on gut microbiota composition. Gut microbiota outcomes evaluated include Bacteroides, firmicutes, and microbial diversity.


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