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Haotian Zheng


According to "Statista" and “GlobalData" marketing research reports, the value of U.S. Sports Nutrition Market is forecasted to reach $21 billion; 39% of American adults and an additional 36% of consumers are in the market for food and beverage products targeted towards fitness. This market project stimulates growth for the dairy industry and the domestic market demand provides reason to develop more inclusions of dairy proteins in sports nutrition products. An ambient stable, ready to drink (RTD), high protein beverage is ideal in catering towards not only the targeted group of consumers, but anyone that is looking for convenience in their lifestyle. A low calorie fermented dairy beverage as prototyped product was designed by the student team, and it was manufactured at the Dairy Innovation Institute using pilot-plant facilities. The name of the prototyped product is “Pro-Tea”. “Pro-Tea” is a nutrient dense, ultra-high temperature (UHT) processed high protein yogurt drink that combines the health benefits of dairy protein, honey, and tea to optimize active performance nutrition. If the product is aseptically packed, it may be considered as ready to drink, and shelf-stable product. Made with non fat dry milk, micellar casein concentrate, erythritol, a stabilizer bundle system and yogurt culture, the product contains increased protein content. Pro-Tea is designed to achieve op mum exercise, muscle-building, and fitness performance. Pro-Tea is an outstanding source of dairy protein and provides 28 grams dairy protein per serving (473 ml).


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