Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) use a variety of habitats across their range, including semiarid deserts, tundra, boreal forests, farmland, and urban areas (Larivière and Pasitschniak-Arts 1996). Within these habitats there is much variation in the use of different cover types among populations of red foxes (Jones and Theberge 1982, Halpin and Bissonette 1988, Theberge and Wedeles 1989, St-Georges et al. 1995). In Maine, red foxes used coniferous stands and open areas more than expected (Halpin and Bissonette 1988). In British Columbia, red foxes used shrub communities more than expected and open areas less than expected (Jones and Theberge 1982). In the Yukon Territory, red foxes used shrub habitats more than forests or open areas (Theberge and Wedeles 1989). Edge habitat, between forest and shrub stands, was important for red foxes in Quebec (St-Georges et al. 1995). Variation in use of cover by this species necessitates populationspecific studies of red fox habitat relations for use in conservation and management.



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