A large database of in situ bio-optical measurements was collected at the Long-term Ecosystem Observatory off the southern coast of New Jersey, USA. In part, the research effort focused on reconciling in situ estimates with satellite-derived estimates of the inherent optical properties (IOP). At 442 nm, in situ absorption values ranged from less than 0.2 to over 1.5 inverse metres. Satellite estimates of backscatter ranged from 0.002 to 0.03 inverse metres at 442 nm and showed significant variability in time and space during July 1999, reflecting the recurrent high frequency events that characterize the region—wind-mixing, storms and coastal upwelling. Despite this variability, there was good qualitative agreement between the satellite derived IOP estimates and in situ IOP measurements. Both absorption and backscatter values increased near-shore, reflecting enhanced concentrations of phytoplankton, sediments and dissolved organic matter.



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