The Cal Poly ITRC irrigation evaluation programs have been widely used to assess the global distribution uniformity (DU) of drip and microsprayer irrigation systems. The field procedures and formulas used in the program are presented in this paper. The system DU is estimated by mathematically combining the component DU values. DU components include pressure differences, "other causes" (such as manufacturing variation, plugging, and wear), unequal drainage, and unequal application rates. Results are presented from evaluations by several entities, including Cal Poly ITRC. Cal Poly evaluations of 329 fields provided an average DUlq of 0.85 for drip and 0.80 for microspray. Approximately 45% of the non-uniformity was due to pressure differences, 52% was due to "other causes", 1% due to unequal drainage, and 2% due to unequal application rates. The data show that with good design and management, it is possible to have high system DU values for at least a 20-year system life.


Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering


URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/bae_fac/71