The design and implementation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is typically undertaken by expert engineers and integration contractors. In order to provide a robust and reliable SCADA system, good design and installation practices are required. Preserving the initial SCADA system reliability requires good maintenance. Unfortunately, SCADA maintenance is often overlooked or underestimated. There are two potential providers for SCADA maintenance activities. Some SCADA maintenance activities are best provided by the developer or installer of the SCADA system, before closing out a project contract. Other SCADA maintenance requirements are best provided by the irrigation district or SCADA system owner. Because SCADA systems are typically custom assemblies of hardware and software, each one is unique. However, there exists an almost universal set of fundamental maintenance requirements that is not always a priority during the SCADA system installation and commissioning phases. When the most basic SCADA maintenance requirements are not possessed, there are two possible results: SCADA system performance deteriorates, and long-term maintenance becomes overly expensive. This paper introduces a set of fundamental items that are necessary for long-term SCADA system maintenance, in addition to the most basic necessity: an adequate maintenance budget.


Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering

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