When compared to other industrial processes, irrigation processes are poorly controlled. Due to the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of many present aspects of irrigation, a high degree of non-transferrability, or "art", is associated with irrigation. The Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC) at Cal Poly is dedicated to finding a retirement home for "Art". T

There is a great potential for excellent on-farm irrigation water management. Many tools (center pivots, linear moves, surge irrigation, drip, laser land grading, to name a few) exist to enable farmers to distribute water evenly across their fields. Other tools (computerized irrigation scheduling programs, automated weather stations, infrared thermometers, soil moisture sensors) exist to facilitate proper irrigation scheduling, at the proper time and in the proper amount.

To implement these tools properly, and to reduce the "art" involved in onfarm irrigation, a farmer must have control of one of the essential ingredients of irrigation: WATER.


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