ITRC, through a CSU ARI grant, constructed a meter gate testing facility and tested five gates of various sizes and designs. The gate testing was conducted by varying the multiple parameters including upstream and downstream head, supply channel velocity, gate opening, and head above the gate. Data was also collected at various locations on the downstream side of the gate. In total, ITRC staff collected over 10,000 points of data during this evaluation. Using the new rating tables for the three gates examined, the relative uncertainty is less than ±5 to ±7% at the 95% confidence level with the new rating tables, as compared to less than ±10% at a 95% confidence level using common published tables. Uncertainties are lower than the required estimated 10.7% instantaneous flow rate uncertainty that will be needed to meet current SB X7-7 requirements. However, in order to ensure accurate flow measurement using these devices, they must be designed and operated within a certain set of recommended conditions.


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