The Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC) and Walker River Irrigation District (WRID) collaborated on the modernization of WRID with support from the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of Interior in Carson City, Nevada. This paper presents an update to the USCID case study that was presented in 2014 on the initial proposed plan for improving water gauges throughout WRID. There has been phased implementation of the initial proposed plan as well as modification and expansion of that plan. The initial scope of work for system improvements was developed by ITRC in 2009 following field investigations and engineering analyses of existing WRID infrastructure and operational procedures. The initial plan identified twenty primary sites for water gauge improvement and provided strategic engineering recommendations for new hardware, control equipment, and flow measurement devices for the sites, as well as water management strategies and integration of a new SCADA system for the entire district. Additionally, the plan prioritized the order of engineering implementation and automation recommendations and provided planning-level cost estimates. Over the following eight years, ITRC has assisted WRID in organizing implementation, including site-specific designs as well as updating hardware and control equipment recommendations to align with current technology. To date, twelve of the original twenty sites have been implemented. Twenty additional sites have been identified, fourteen of which have already been implemented. Additionally, up to six buffer reservoir sites located throughout the district are currently being developed.


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