Electronic water level sensing equipment is becoming increasingly important for the implementation of water conservation programs in irrigation districts. A need has risen for information on costs, advantages/disadvantages, required support equipment, and required maintenance for the various options. For this reason, the Water Conservation Office of the Mid-Pacific Region of the USBR contracted with the Cal Poly ITRC to conduct a study on water level sensors and dataloggers and to produce a report.

One application covered in the water level sensor and datalogger report is the need to have a simple, portable water level monitoring package. This paper supplements the full report and covers the details necessary to put together a package. The models and manufacturers specified in this paper represent units that received favorable testing results from the original study. The recommendation is for equipment that is relatively inexpensive, but reliable. The following pages contain a summary of a set up for a simple, portable package that consists of a; i) water level sensor, ii) power supply, and iii) datalogger.


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