Technical assistance related to irrigation district turnout flow/volumetric measurement is provided by ITRC on behalf of California Dept. of Water Resources, USBR, and BIA irrigation projects. Throughout that work, it was apparent there was a need to organize well-established information as well as to provide new insights into irrigation flow measurement. The target audiences are irrigation districts and others who want to improve measurement accuracy for irrigation flow rates and volumetric deliveries to meet regulations, improve the efficiency of ditchriders (system operators), and provide equity and transparency to farmers and managers. The focus of this publication is on turnouts (deliveries) to fields or to relatively small groups of fields, rather than flow measurement on large canals.

Dozens of excellent publications are available on the topic of flow measurement. This publication is not meant to replace those other references. Rather, it supplements those with two important types of information:

1. An overview of irrigation turnout flow measurement devices and situations for the western US.

2. Practical insights on the installation and operation of various devices.


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