Precooked longissimus chops and semimembranosus/adductor roasts from pigs (n = 30) given no supplemental vitamin E (CON) or supplemented with 100 mg vitamin E/kg diet (VITE) were evaluated for lipid oxidation, microbial growth, sensory characteristics, cooking/storage losses and reheating losses. Chops and roasts were vacuum packaged, precooked to 60°C and stored at 2°C for 0, 7, 14, 28, or 56 days. Lipid oxidation was lower in VITE chops and roasts than in CON chops and roasts. Off-flavor intensity scores were more acceptable and storage/ cooking losses were lower for VITE roasts than for CON roasts. Supplementation of vitamin E in a swine diet provided added protection against lipid oxidation and precooking pork under vacuum provided a palatable product with a shelf-life of 56 days.


Animal Sciences



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