Department - Author 1

Art and Design Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BFA in Art and Design



Primary Advisor

Kathryn E. McCormick


For my senior project I created a lesson plan workbook for The Guitar Gym to use with their 6-10 year old students. The workbook consists of 5 lessons that teach children musical concepts, and how to play a song called Island Rhythm and Blues on the guitar. Each lesson introduces new material, a variation of The Guitar Gym’s innovative teaching tool called The Spinner, assignments, and illustrations related to the established island adventure theme.

This paper explains the process I used to complete the workbook, and also includes research, influences, ideation, sketches, and imagery of the final project.

FrancisSeniorProject.pdf (20145 kB)
Island Rythm and Blues: A Twin 'T' Island Adventure Workbook