Author(s) Information

Joy FidelFollow

Department - Author 1

Art and Design Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BFA in Art and Design



Primary Advisor

Charmaine Martinez


A highly competitive industry that requires constant marketing is the industry of DJ entertainment. DJ Deeluxx was lacking an identity system to effectively promote its business. Thus came about this project to design an identity that would promote the business and meet both the needs and expectations of the client. The design procedure entailed general research of the DJ industry to gain familiarity and inspiration. A major portion of the design process required continuous sketching and studies with type and color prior to the digital work. The process required persistent sketching and digital refinement, sketching and refining again, at which the cycle continued until the objective goals were met. As a result of this intensive process, I achieved designing a logo and business identity that well represents my client’s image and business. I have learned that the research involved was crucial to the development of the logo that drove the rest of the identity. This project in hopes will immensely help promote the DJ Deeluxx business.