The ARI provides public funds that are annually matched at least one-to-one with industry and/or agency resources to fund high impact applied agricultural and natural resources research, development, and technology transfer, as well as related public and industry education and outreach. Its projects and programs improve the economic efficiency, productivity, profitability, and sustainability of California agriculture and its allied industries. ARI programs lead to consumer sensitive and environmentally sound food and agriculture systems and foster public confidence in food safety and agricultural research and production systems. Through a system of university-industry partnerships, the ARI focuses on finding immediate and practical solutions for high-priority challenges in the following research areas:

  • Agricultural business
  • Biodiversity
  • Biotechnology
  • Food safety, nutrition, processing, & new product development
  • Natural resources
  • Production & cultural practices
  • Public policy
  • Water & irrigation technology

Additional information can be obtained from the ARI web site at http://ari.calpoly.edu.



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