In the third year of the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture Program, form•Z is used as the preferred 3D digital modeling tool. form•Z is used with a range of other 2D digital media (Photoshop, etc) along with 3D traditional-digital media (physical models, plan & section drawings) that allows the architecture students to go back and forth between multiple mediums during the design process. This particular methodology has the advantage of revealing more quickly and more clearly, weaknesses in the developing project as well as inconsistencies between a student’s original intentions (for example about how daylight will change the character of a space) and what is revealed in their work as the design evolves. Being able to use form•Z to early on simulate the actual mood of space via the source and quality of day and electric lighting along with the textures and vocabulary of the building’s skin provides a great complement to the 3D physical model studies that are initially generated. Students early on in the quarter, start to understand the building constructability implications of their digital models.



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