CIDS provides for an intensive three-quarter course sequence designed to familiarize undergraduate students in a first professional degree program working with interdisciplinary teams and with advanced digital technology. Students learn the fundamental principles and applications for interdisciplinary team collaborations along with technology. The sequence provides connections to students, faculty and professionals from a wide range of disciplines outside of architecture. Students are afforded an understanding of Innovative ways to see the role of design studio, building technology systems, history/theory and the use of a range of media for communicating design intent by adopting a new way of working as a basis for understanding practice beyond the typical confides of the design studio and the rest of the curriculum. CIDS provides students in the context of the design studio with connections to community design projects with real clients, budgets and schedules into the classroom in the following ways: short-term design charrettes for project conceptualization for future development, research grants, independent study projects, and support provided by a group of work study students.



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